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Collagen Solutions


Collagen Solutions develops, manufactures and supplies medical grade collagen biomaterials for use in research, medical devices, and regenerative medicine. Customers include some of the largest pharmaceutical and medical device companies in the world. A publicly traded company, Collagen Solutions is listed on the London Stock Exchange with headquarters in Glasgow, Scotland. With a change in business came a re-brand. We were tasked with developing a brand identity, followed by a website including content development, web design, and e-commerce integration.


Collagen biomaterials, particularly derived from bovine sources was relatively new to the research community. COS needed to better position its offerings to potential clients while better serving existing customers. Customers were primarily in Korea, Japan and the USA.
Our first task was to develop a logo identity for the company. Based on the collagen triple helix as well as the Celtic knot the identity was an immediate hit. We came up with the tagline ‘Materials for Life’ as this best exemplified their core benefits.
We developed a new website to better communicates the “who” and “what” while providing a new direction for the companies brand aesthetic. The website often the client’s first touch-point with COS, made it imperative that the right messaging is conveyed from the start. We leveraged colours from their logo to help define a unique look, modernizing their tone. We expanded this style into print materials, such as the annual report and sales collateral.

The Results

The new brand identity was a big hit with the executive board as well as investors. Sales increased 10-fold after the website was launched. Over the past 10 years, the website has grown to accommodate new business services. We recently developed a new e-commerce section for their website for US clients. Today Collagen Solutions is the world leader in Collagen biomaterials and we continue to provide them with marketing support, and web development.
Recently the company was purchased by an American agriculture conglomerate.


Web Design
Content Development
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